Living Prints - Custom Prints on Canvas, Wood & Metal

Living Prints - Custom Prints on Canvas, Wood & Metal

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At Living Prints you work one-on-one with a designer to create a customized art piece. Using your photos and words a designer digitally creates your artwork on screen, it's then printed to size o​n​ your choice of medium. The most popular medium is canvas, however other options are wood plaques, metal or acrylic. Using professional quality printers and products, the end piece is sure to impress, whether it’s for yourself or a gift.

Pricing varies on all print projects, each order is therefore quoted individually. They charge for the design work separately, as some orders are just a simple print of your submitted image with no design work required. To help you plan your project look at the standard pricing and options on their website. The GoAsAGroup discounted vouchers will provide you with a credit that can be applied to whatever you purchase.

Next Step: After purchasing please contact Living Prints to arrange your appointment. Provide them with your order number, which is on your GoAsAGroup order confirmation. 

Address: 7607-153 Street, Edmonton
Phone: 780 235-4567

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