XOOM Energy - Gas & Electricity Savings

XOOM Energy - Gas & Electricity Savings

We've seen up to 60% savings on local gas and electricity bills. Find out if you're being overcharged for your home or business utilities. 

Alberta and Ontario are deregulated markets for natural gas and electricity utilities. This change separates distribution from sales, which enables competition and greater savings for the general public.

XOOM Energy is a utilities reseller with wholesale pricing. You now have the freedom to choose your natural gas and electricity sales provider and save. The product distribution still remains with your local utility provider like: ATCO and EPCOR in Alberta, and Alectra Utilities and Enbridge in Ontario. The only difference is that your reduced monthly bill will be sent from XOOM Energy, which includes your utilities consumption and the providers distribution charges. Please note, only the consumption portion of the bill can be discounted, the distribution charges are set by each utilities distributor and cannot be marked-down.

Receive a No Obligation Quote: Send us a copy of your entire most recent gas and electricity bills (home or business) to services@goasagroup.com and we'll reply with a quote outlining what you could be saving.

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