Edmonton Corn Maze - Group of 15+ People

Edmonton Corn Maze - Group of 15+ People

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The Edmonton Corn Maze will OPEN on JULY 28

Access special pricing for groups of 15, 20 and 25 people. 
This is a fabulous team building activity, split your team into smaller groups to compete...and see how they manage as a team! The maze is also great for family groups, as it can accommodate all age groups together and you can move through the maze at your own pace. Children under 4 years old are Free!

How long does it take to walk the maze? Get ready to get lost! The correct maze path can be walked in 30 minutes, however the directionally-challenged will require about one hour to travel through the maze of more than 5 kms of twists and turns and 85 decision points.

Tickets: The GoAsAGroup order confirmation is your ticket, simply present it at the gate for admission. Tickets purchased together must be redeemed together.

Hours of Operation:​
Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM
Sunday: 1PM - 5PM

Website: edmontoncornmaze.ca
Phone: 780 554-4540
Address: 26171 Garden Valley Road, Spruce Grove, AB  T7Y 1B3

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