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Audiobooks Now - Club Plan

Audiobooks Now is the best priced and most flexible audio book service on the market. On the Club Plan you'll get your first audiobook each month at 50% Off, you'll also receive the normal Club Price 35-40% Off on additional purchases. If you don't use your 50% discount one month, it's automatically rolled over to the next month for you. You can cancel your Club Plan at anytime. This plan also includes a loyalty program and exclusive offers. 

  • 30-Day Free Trial, then $4.99 CAD a month
  • 50% Off your First Audiobook each month
  • 35-40% Off Additional Books
  • Also receive Loyalty and Exclusive Offers
  • Cancel the Plan at Anytime 

Please Note: The discounts listed on this page are not additional savings but the national brands current offers, unless a promo code is included. We're in partnership with each brand, curating their offers to enable easy access and savings to these limited time deals.

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