Cafe Blackbird - 2 Live Event Tickets & 1 Bottle of Wine

Cafe Blackbird - 2 Live Event Tickets & 1 Bottle of Wine

Café Blackbird proudly supports Edmonton's live independent music scene, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They are a coffee shop and eatery by day and a wine bar, live event music haven by night. The Blackbird features new music from some of Edmonton’s best acoustic singer-songwriters, the city’s most prominent jazz, blues, world, folk, RnB, country, pop and indie musicians, along with touring musicians. Cafe Blackbird is for artisan aficionados; those who believe that music sounds better live, that tastes are enhanced when the ingredients are local and fresh, and those who appreciate local art.

Offer: 2 Live Event Tickets & 1 Bottle of Wine.

Red Wine
2013 Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Malbec | France
Malbec the way it was meant to taste; rich, full-bodied flavours with hints of berries and distinctive aromas of spice.

White Wine
2014 Château Laulerie Bergerac Blanc | France
A refreshing blend of Sauvignon Blanc with 10% Semillon. Nice combination of gooseberry, citrus and richness.

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Note: After purchasing please call Café Blackbird directly at 780 451-8890 to reserve your table. Provide them with your 8 character digital voucher code, which is one your GoAsAGroup order confirmation.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 7AM to 9PM
Friday: 7AM to 11PM
Saturday: 9AM to 11PM
Sunday: 9AM to 4PM

Address: 9640 - 142 Street NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780 451-8890