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Callia Flowers - Bouquet Delivery

Callia Flowers - Bouquet Delivery

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Savings: $10 Off Orders Over $100 - Use the above Exclusive Code

100% Guarantee: Callia promise an amazing flower delivery experience to celebrate your special moments; fresh blooms and quality gifts delivered on time. If they miss the mark, let them know and Callia will make it right!

Callia provides 3 seasonal bouquet types at a time, this ensures that their product is of the highest quality and also long lasting. Each bouquet type can be purchased in 4 different sizes. Their flowers stay in the cold-chain until they're delivered, which means they don't start to wake up until the box is opened. Callia hand-tie and package each bouquet beautifully, so the end result is truly an exciting experience!

  1. Quick & Easy: Order online in minutes and have it delivered fast
  2. Guaranteed Freshness: Blooms that arrive fresh and last for weeks
  3. Luxury Experience: Wrapped and delivered in beautiful packaging

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