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Banff Tours - Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk

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Your headlamp makes the frozen waterfalls of Johnston Canyon shimmer as you hike along the suspended catwalks in quiet darkness at night. The Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk is all about heightening your senses, appreciating the darkness, the scents of the fresh pine forest and enjoying the silence of a night spent beneath the stars. At one point, the group turns out their lights and you’re immersed in the peaceful stillness of a winter night. Light your way through this narrow, water-formed canyon as your small group follows our guide to the canyon’s lower falls. The suspended catwalks, built into the limestone walls, make this an easy trip for everyone. Along the way, your guide will highlight unique features by powerful flashlight and pause for moments of darkness and quiet to foster an appreciation for spending time in the canyon at night. At our turn around point, your guide will illuminate the expanding ice that encases the rushing water and escort you through a natural tunnel onto the viewing platform, beside the cascading Lower Falls themselves.

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Event Times: 6:30PM & 7:30PM
Operating Days: Everyday Excluding Mon & Wed
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Age Limit: 8+ Years
Season: November - April

Phone: 877-565-9372

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