MyWellnessRx - Online Self-directed Wellness Course

MyWellnessRx - Online Self-directed Wellness Course

MyWellnessRx is an online self-directed course offering an overall personal prescription for wellness, which encompasses education, knowledge translation/mobilization, and community engagement, all informed and supported by research evidence and experience.

MyWellnessRx is based on the broader WellnessRx Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum that was developed by five prominent University of Alberta Doctors and was delivered to students in the faculties of Nursing and Medicine at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary.

In an effort to get the wellness message out to as many people as possible, the team has developed a condensed, practical and user-friendly version for personal use called MyWellnessRx. The course has been updated with new interesting information, and includes two modules with multiple sections, quizzes and a final exam.

Next Steps: After purchasing you will be sent an email with the activation code for your MyWellnessRx subscription. The subscription has no expiry date. 


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