Orbis Sports - Team Event (10 Lazerz & 10 Archerz)

Orbis Sports - Team Event (10 Lazerz & 10 Archerz)

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Laser & Archery Tag - the ultimate team building event, 100% interaction and participation. This event includes: 10 Lazerz (Guns) and 10 Archerz (Bows), so your team can either switch between activities or use both at the same time for larger groups.

Orbis Sports is a leader in interactive group activities:

  • This event lasts 60 minutes, excluding the set-up and instruction time.
  • The event can host between 10-40 people.
  • It can be held at the FlyFree Movement facility on Argyll Road between 8AM-3PM.
  • Or you can hold your event outdoors at a public area.
  • Orbis will help you structure multiple team activities like: Team Battle, Free for All, Double Team & Domination rounds.

Next Steps: After purchasing contact Orbis Sports directly to reserve your date. Provide them with the order number, which is on your GoAsAGroup order confirmation.

Website: orbissports.com
Phone:  1-888-901-7426
Email: bookings@orbissports.com 

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