Axe Monkeys - Axe Throwing + The Rage Room

Axe Monkeys - Axe Throwing + The Rage Room

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Axe Throwing
- Perfect for a date night, family outings or groups out to have fun. Every visit starts with a coaching session and some target practice. Once you gain confidence they’ll unleash you on the targets! Axe Monkeys has 10 throwing lanes that are well protected to make this a safe and fun activity.

Rage Room - Sometimes we just need to let off some steam. What better way to do this than destroying stuff in the RAGE ROOM®. The concept is very simple, purchase your 20 minute session and then make a Rage Room reservation, bring your own items you'd like to destroy, choose your weapon, and then just smash stuff. Bring your friends along for a raging time!

Next Step: For walk-ins, present your GoAsAGroup order confirmation for redemption. Groups are required to make a reservation, provide your order number which is on your GoAsAGroup order confirmation.

Hours of Operations:
Monday - Thursday: 2PM - 10PM
Friday: 2PM - 12AM
Saturday: 10AM - 12AM
Sunday: 12PM ​-​ 8PM

Phone: 780 667-4293
Address: 13931 156 Street, Edmonton

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