Capital City Athletics - CrossFit Beginner Class

Capital City Athletics - CrossFit Beginner Class

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CrossFit is a versatile and effective fitness routine that really works. Capital City Athletics is an encouraging community of people, providing a level of comradery that you won’t find at your average gym. This facility is well-equipped, clean and spacious. It's a safe, fun and challenging environment that will help you reach your fitness and health goals!

Beginner CrossFit Class: This class runs for 2 weeks at the start of every month, 6 classes in total. It's a great way for you and the Capital City Athletics team to assess how you move and to teach you how to CrossFit safely, so that you can attend their regular classes. Find out more about this class.

Next Steps: After you've made your purchase, please contact Capital City Athletics directly to book your class. Provide them with your order number, which is on your order confirmation.

Address: 11505 106 Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780 915-8702

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