Game OVR - Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade

Game OVR - Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade

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Game OVR is a Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade. Not only is this great fun for friends a family but also a fantastic Team Building event. Each room allows one person to play at a time. At least two rooms are required to enjoy their multiplayer games. They have a total of 10 VR rooms; 8 Standard and 2 Deluxe, each room has one VR station and a minimum of 180 square feet of play space. The Deluxe rooms can hold up to 5 people and provides a larger space with comfortable seating, a big screen TV, and a Bose sound system, to let you share the experience with the VR headset.

As an example: If you want 4 people to share the same game experience, then you would need to purchase 4 standard rooms. Game OVR would then link the 4 rooms together as one VR experience. The Deluxe rooms are good for games that require you to be in the same room.

Their VR game library list

Note: After purchasing contact Game OVR directly to book your room(s), listing the order number which is one your GoAsAGroup order confirmation.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 8:30PM 
Friday - Saturday: 11AM - 10PM 
Sunday: 11AM - 7:30PM

Address: #129, 1 Hebert Road, St. Albert
Phone: 780 953-4263

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