Bumper Ball - Edmonton, Calgary & Lethbridge

Bumper Ball - Edmonton, Calgary & Lethbridge

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The Bumper Balls are here! They are super fun and a great activity for birthday parties, youth groups, sports teams and even corporate team building. Enjoy a 2 hour Bumper Ball session in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and the surrounding areas. When booking your party, you will need to arrange access to a large space, approximately 50' x 50', i.e. sports field, public park, hall, gymnasium, etc. Avoid twiggy and rocky areas. Also, make sure there are no hills nearby, do we need to explain why?

3 Sizes of Bumper Balls:

4′ Diameter - Suitable for Kids between 4′ - 5′ tall 
5′ Diameter - Suitable for Kids & Adults 5′ - 6′ tall
6′ Diameter - Suitable for Adults between 5′ - 6′ tall plus

Note: After purchasing please contact Bumper Balls directly to reserve your event, provide the 8 character digital voucher code, which is on your GoAsAGroup order confirmation, so they can validate the order.

Website: bumperball.ca
Phone: 780 652-2310
Email: info@bumperball.ca

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