F45 - Functional Training - St. Albert

F45 - Functional Training - St. Albert

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F stands for Functional Training, a mix of Circuit and HIIT style workouts. 45 is the amount of minutes you'll enjoy sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun! Consisting of 36 unique and systemized workouts that are designed to generate results quickly and make group fitness fun. For those of us who find the discipline of self-managed workouts hard...try F45. This fitness model keeps you engaged and makes fitness an interactive and enjoyable experience!

Unlimited Classes: These short term membership options provide unlimited classes...so attend as many sessions as you like. These offers must be started before August 1, 2021.

CARDIO - Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Push your cardiovascular skills to the limit in a session that will flash before your eyes. Even afterwards, your metabolism will still be in overdrive.

RESISTANCE - Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Resistance meets functional movement patterns in a full body burn. You’ll walk out, or possibly crawl, with your body cut like a diamond.

HYBRID - Saturday
A live DJ plays for all Saturday classes. A mix of cardio and resistance training that will put your strength and endurance through the ultimate challenge.

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Website: f45training.ca/stalbertnorth
Phone: 780 777-3327
Address: 7 Inglewood Drive, St. Albert

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