About Us

GoAsAGroup is an Edmonton based online Corporate Perk Platform and App. Provide a comprehensive employee discount program that companies can simply plug into and offer their employees with no membership charge. We support many of the larger organizations in the region, providing their employees/members with exclusive discounted offers on a wide range of local: Entertainment, Services and Dining options. The added benefits of the program are that there's no membership fee for either the employer or employee, and the program requires minimal administrative support. Organizations use GoAsAGroup as a powerful employee/member engagement tool - adding value to their network's experience.

Interested in joining GoAsAGroup?  Joining takes little effort and has no cost! 

M31 Design Group is a division of the FATH Group of Companies. M31 has expertise in live event productions for sporting and live entertainment events, as well as software development. The FATH Group was established in 1956, with our first company O'Hanlon Paving. We own several organizations in the construction, oil & gas, commercial signage, as well as the FC Edmonton soccer team.

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