About Us

GoAsAGroup is an Innovative Online Corporate Perk Program

GoAsAGroup partners with professional sports teams, entertainment venues and local unique services, which enables us to provide our corporate members with perk pricing on a wide range of events, attractions, services and dining options. M31 Design Group is one of the FATH Group of Companies. The FATH Group was established in 1956, with our first company O'Hanlon Paving. We own several successful organizations, mainly in the construction industry, as well as the NASL soccer franchise - FC Edmonton.

How the GoAsAGroup Program Works:

  1. Contact us to add your company to the GoAsAGroup program.
  2. We will create a private group for your company on GoAsAGroup as well as a custom sign-up link.
  3. You email your employees with the intro text and custom links that we provide you.
  4. Your employees create their own accounts with GoAsAGroup and manage their purchases.

Contact us and we'll follow-up to answer your questions.