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There are some outlandish and expensive perks being provided by some organizations, however in today's economy it's just not plausible for most companies to manage such a program themselves or to provide costly perks. That's why GoAsAGroup.com exists...to help organizations get creative and fill the perk gap! GoAsAGroup can be used as a powerful engagement tool, to add true value to each of your networks.

GoAsAGroup provides exclusive discounted offers on a wide range of Entertainment, Dining, Travel, Golf, Health and Services. Access over 130,000 live events across North America for Sports, Music, Comedy and Theatre. Enjoy major savings on essential services: Gas & Electricity, Internet and Merchant Processing Services for retail business owners, as well as discounts on cell phone plans, global travel accommodations and worldwide vehicle rentals. Companies join GoAsAGroup for free and cascade an invite to their employees. That's right, there's no membership fee for either the employer or employee to join. The program also requires minimal administrative support, as your employees manage their own purchases.

Celebrate and inspire exceptional performance; boost morale, productivity and kudos for a job well done. The GoAsAGroup platform makes easy work of managing Employee Rewards & Recognition. Empower your manages to easily recognize the achievements of their team and watch your employees go from strength to strength. Use this platform to either manage team building activities, or enable managers to gift their employees with perks that the employee has actually chosen themselves. As GoAsAGroup Perks are already pre-discounted, you will also be maximizing your employee reward spend.

Add value to your association members, give them free access GoAsAGroup Perks. Enhance membership value and attract and retain more members by giving them special deals to enjoy with their family and friends. We'll wrap this offering up for you in a private member perks website, set up exclusively for your organization.

Associations and non-profits are so very fortunate to have amazing volunteers that perform many of their much needed tasks. GoAsAGroup is a perfect way for these organizations to say thank you to their unsung heroes and to give back to them. We'll brand your private site on GoAsAGroup with your organization's logo, so your volunteers are reminded that they are appreciated.

In a fiercely competitive market you need to differentiate your company and add value to your brand. It can be difficult for even leaders in the marketplace to attract and retain a customer’s loyalty. Provide GoAsAGroup Client Perks to your customers for free, they will receive access to our curated selection of discounted offers, that will enable you to say thank you to your valued customers.

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M31 Design Group is a division of the FATH Group of Companies. M31 has expertise in live productions for sporting and entertainment events, as well as software development. The FATH Group was established in 1956, with our first company O'Hanlon Paving. We own several organizations in the construction, oil & gas, commercial signage, as well as the FC Edmonton soccer team.