Become a Member Company

Membership to the GoAsAGroup corporate perk platform is free for both the organization and it's employees/members. GoAsAGroup enables organizations to add value to their network, with no cost associated to the company. It's a powerful tool that can augment your employee/membership engagement plan, and requires minimal administrative support, as your network manages their own events.

Is There a Cost for Membership?
No there isn't. GoAsAGroup membership is free for the employer, employee or association member. GoAsAGroup has no setup, administration or hidden fees. Qualified organizations gain access to our full range of exclusive local offers.

How do our Employees Pay?
Each member pays for their own purchases through our secure online payment gateway. There’s nothing for your organization to transact or do!

Can Companies Purchase Products for their Employees?
Yes you can! GoAsAGroup is a great option for employee rewards, corporate team building and general company events. All while saving money, as everything we provide is discounted. After creating a company login, you can use the 'Give As A Gift' button to send the purchase directly to the employee. 

Digital Vouchers & Ticketed Events
When a purchase is made on GoAsAGroup our system generates an order confirmation (which doubles as the digital voucher) that's emailed directly to the purchaser. The order confirmation lists the order details, a 4 digit order number and an 8 character voucher code per product. Virtually all our products are digital vouchers, so the order confirmation is your proof of purchase. For ticketed events, the PDF tickets are sent in a separate email after purchasing.

Delivery of Physical Tickets & Passes
A few of our products are physical tickets that need to be collected from our office, i.e. (WEM Choice Pass, Cineplex Odeon tickets & Heritage Festival Food Tickets). All physical products are always clearly listed at the top of the product page. Physical tickets are collected from our office in the west end between: 8AM and 5PM, Monday to Friday, (excluding statutory holidays): The FATH Group, 16511 - 116 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3V1

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