Joining GoAsAGroup

GOASAGROUP IS A FREE, SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE WAY FOR ORGANIZATIONS TO ADD VALUE AND ENGAGE THEIR NETWORKS: EMPLOYEES, MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, DONORS & CLIENTS is a corporate perks platform, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We're a free but private service, providing exclusive discounted offers for: Entertainment, Dining, Golf, Travel, Health, Services and Shopping. We're continuously adding new exclusive and preferred pricing offers to the platform, which provides a broad range of options that appeal to a large workforce with varied interests. You'll be glad to know that we're a zero cost perks program - meaning there are no set-up, administration or per-user fees to join! The program also only requires minimal HR support, making GoAsAGroup an easy and free perks program to run.

We create a customized sign-up and group page for each company, that includes your branding. That way your network recognizes this as a perk that they're receiving because of you. For on-boarding, all that's required is an email to be sent to your team, inviting them to join. We'll provide the verbiage, links and graphics for that invite easy! Your sign-up link will direct your team to your customized sign-up page on our platform. After logging in, they're automatically directed to your group-page with your logo in the header, so they know they're in the right place. All offers are then unlocked and open for them to access.

Program Highlights:

  • Zero cost perks program - no set-up, administration or per-user fees.
  • Exclusive discounted offers - up to 80% off retail pricing.
  • Access 130,000 live events across North America - sports, concerts, comedy & theatre.
  • Major savings on travel - global accommodations and vehicle rentals.
  • Positive message for your team - something they can get excited about.
  • Minimal administrative support needed - just 4 invite emails per year.
  • Private perks website - we'll wrap this up in a private branded website exclusive for your organization.

HOW CAN MY COMPANY JOIN? - Send us an email to: and we'll be in touch to get you set-up.

M31 Design Group is a division of the FATH Group of Companies. The FATH Group was established in 1956 and owns a number of organizations. You may be familiar with some of our divisions, O'Hanlon Paving and the FC Edmonton soccer team.