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GoAsAGroup is a Canadian corporate perks platform based in Edmonton. We exist to support companies like yours, by providing our service for free. Join our community and provide your groups with access to exclusive perks for things like: Live Events, Shopping, Attractions, Health & Beauty, Travel, Golf and Services.

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Organizational Culture Building

Zero Cost Program

There's no set-up, administration or per-user fees to join our platform. 

Private Perks Site

We'll wrap this offering up for you in a private site, exclusive for your organization's use.

Exclusive Offers

Access hundreds of exclusive offers, including all major live events in North America for: sports, concerts, comedy and theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoAsAGroup is dedicated to helping you fully understand the valuable service we provide. Here are some frequently asked questions about our offers:

How do I use your service?

First create a GoAsAGroup account. Each offer page clearly lists the savings, if there are any conditions, plus 'Next Steps' if required.

Do you have offers across Canada?

Yes we do. Some of the categories that have national offers are: Live Events, Shopping, Health, Travel & Services.

How do I use the promo codes?

All you need is an internet connection, computer or phone, and a quiet, private space in. Simply copy the exclusive code and paste it into the supplier's discount code field at checkout page.

How To Join GoAsAGroup Perks

INDIVIDUALS - If you're an individual and you want to join, you can. Simply use the JOIN NOW button in the header of our website to create an account.

ORGANIZATIONS -If you're looking for a Canadian perks program for your organization, you're at the right place. We'll create a private perks site, exclusive for your organization's use. To get started, reach out by sending us an email to:

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