Redefine your employer brand - delight your people with perks they actually want. GoAsAGroup is a zero cost perks program - meaning there are no set-up, administration or per-user fees to join. We'll also wrap this offering up for you in a private perks site, set up exclusively for your company.

Add value to your association or union members, give them free access GoAsAGroup Perks. Enhance your membership value and attract and retain more members by giving them perks to enjoy with their family and friends. We'll create a private member perks site, exclusive for your organization.

Associations and non-profits are so very fortunate to have amazing volunteers that perform many of their much needed tasks. GoAsAGroup is a perfect way to say thank you to your unsung heroes and to give back to them. We'll brand your private site on GoAsAGroup with your organization's logo, so your volunteers are reminded that they are appreciated.

One of the most important things you can do to steward your donors is say "Thank you." Nonprofits know that thanking donors isn’t just an expression of gratitude and good manners, but also a way to build stronger relationships. When done well, donor recognition can encourage future gifts and continued involvement.

Celebrate and inspire employee performance. Our platform makes easy work of managing your employee rewards. Use GoAsAGroup to either manage team building events, or enable your managers to gift their team members with perks that the employee has actually chosen themselves. As GoAsAGroup Perks are already pre-discounted, you'll also be maximizing your employee reward spend.