Referral Contest

Tell Us About You & Your Referral

Do you have a friend at another company in Edmonton who either manages: Employee Engagement, an Employee/Membership Discount Program or their company's Social Club?

If you think they could also benefit from joining GoAsAGroup then please submit their details. You will then be automatically entered into a draw to win $250 of GoAsAGroup vouchers of your choice. You will given one entry draw per referral.
Here's how it works:
  1. Upon receiving your referral(s), we will send your contact an email that explains why we're contacting them. It will be courteous, pleasant and we'll give you all the credit.
  2. If and when they respond to us, one of our friendly staff will reach out for an introductory conversation.
  3. If they become a GoAsAGroup member company, we will then let you know. If not, no problem, it's always good to make new friends and get the word out!
*The contest expiry date is: December 14, 2017. The winner will be contacted via email.