What our members are saying | GoAsAGroup Perks

What our members are saying

GoAsAGroup has been a wonderful addition to the benefits and perks at Servus Credit Union, they are a trusted partner.

GoAsAGroup is a convenient service that gives Clark employees access to shows and events that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

We're excited to offer GoAsAGroup discounts to MacEwan staff and members...everyone loves a great deal.

Partnering with GoAsAGroup has been valuable for Rohit staff, who enjoy deals on events and dining around the city!

TEC Edmonton is a believer in the GoAsAGroup corporate perk platform and is happy to see the rapid growth of this technology-based company. They're constantly adding quality suppliers to their offering and have provided us with a high level of customer service. GoAsAGroup is an easy program to partner with and a great way to add value to your employees or members.

Landmark Homes joined the GoAsAGroup program in 2017. Our employees enjoy access to this broad quality of offerings. We've also used this platform for team building events! GoAsAGroup has given us the ability to offer our employees and partners access to activities, programs and entertainment around the Edmonton area, at no cost to us.

GoAsAGroup Perks has far surpassed our expectations as a perk program, they add events and deals all the time...which is great for our employees! We're delighted to be a part of this free service and have no hesitation in recommending GoAsAGroup to other organizations.

Waiward Steel’s employees benefit from GoAsAGroup by giving them discounts and reasonable pricing on a wide range of fun activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family. GoAsAGroup also allows Waiward’s Social Committee to plan after work corporate social activities at a reduced cost.