Social Club Hosting

You're Already Busy Enough...Let GoAsAGroup Do the Work For You! 

If your company has an active social club and you sell events and products to your employees, we can immensely simplify the management process for your social club team. Wouldn't it be good to not do all the administrative support work for each event and sale, but rather let GoAsAGroup's online tool work for you?

Social Club Management
GoAsAGroup hosts corporate social clubs, simplifying the social club management process for the organization. You tell us what the club wants to promote and we do the rest!

Host Events & Products Online
We place your events and products online, provide secure online payment transaction and generate uniquely coded order confirmations. We can also host one-off individual events like golf tournaments or Christmas parties, if that's all you need.

Validate Employee Purchases
Your team has administrative access to our web-based social club dashboard, which enables your social club to validate (redeem) and track your employee purchases.

Detailed Reporting
GoAsAGroup provides detailed reporting on your social club sales and member activity. We calculate your sales each month and provide a sales report along with your payment.

Contact us to get more information on hosting your social club or individual events.