CycleBar - St. Albert

CycleBar - St. Albert

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CycleBar will motivate you with energizing rides tailored to all fitness and experience levels. Enjoy premium amenities, personal performance tracking, mind-blowing playlists, and invigorating classes led by certified CycleStars. They pride themselves on covering every detail so you can clip in, clear your mind and dig deep.

5 Class Types:

  • CLASSIC - Something for everyone with a rocking mix of strength and endurance
  • PERFORMANCE - Up your game with a ride that motivates you with CycleStats technology
  • CONNECT - Need to unplug? We transform the studio into a sanctuary by turning off the lights
  • EMPOWER - Empower yourself, tap into your strength, your power and your mindset
  • XPRESS - This interval packed, rhythm-based ride keeps you working hard for 30 mins

Next Step: After purchasing call CycleBar Windermere on587 357-6187 to book your classes, providing your GoAsAGroup order number. View Class Schedule.

Hours of Operations:
Monday & Wednesday & Friday: 5:45AM-12:45PM | 4:15PM-8:15PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 5:45AM-10:45AM | 4:15PM-8:15PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:15AM-12:15PM  

Phone: 587 357-6187 
Address: #130-140 Bellerose Drive, St Albert

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