Earth Group - Gift Box

Earth Group - Gift Box

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The Earth Group is a remarkable organization that helps people in need. In 2017 they provided 500,000 school meals to children in Tajikistan.

This gift box is an amazing and unique way to recognize staff and customers with meaning. Each $80 gift box provides Food, Water and Education for a child for one year through the United Nations World Food Programme.

The gift box contain Earth Water, Earth Coffee and Earth Tea, as well as a custom letter stating that "your company” has provided Food, Water and Education to a child for an entire year on the receivers behalf. 

  • With an order of 100 boxes or more, they will print your company logo on the outside of the gift box at no extra cost.  
  • Delivery to your location is included.
  • 100% of the net profit goes to help children in need.


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