Chef Table Living - Food Bike Tours - Edmonton (Per Person)

Chef Table Living - Food Bike Tours - Edmonton (Per Person)

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The Chef Table Living - Food Bike Tour is a fun way to explore Edmonton and eat delicious food. Get ready for a two-wheel food adventure! Cycle from restaurant to fabulous restaurant sampling healthy fare direct from the imaginations of the area’s top chefs. This tour is a fresh air/food experience you won’t soon forget. There are a limited number of tour tickets, so book your spot ASAP!

One Tour Every Saturday: 11AM - 4PM 

Each guided tour takes 5 hours. This is a rain or sunshine event, so be prepared. The average riding route is 20-25 kms, at a casual pace. There are 4 amazing food stops with delectable delights included. At each stop the owner or head chef will explain what's being sampled and how it was made, with some colourful background knowledge about their business and area. Each event takes a unique route and includes a different combination of restaurants, breweries and cafes to enjoy! 

Next Step: After purchasing you will receive an email from Chef Table Living, with your booking code. Use that code to book your tour date on their website, at no further cost.

Bicycle Rentals: If you need a bike then pick the bike rental option, for an extra $45, which includes the bike and helmet. The rental bikes will be delivered and picked up at meeting location.  

Location:​Constable Ezio Faraone Park, 11004 97 Avenue NW, Edmonton

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