Orbis Sports - Team Event (10 Lazerz & 10 Archerz)

Orbis Sports - Team Event (10 Lazerz & 10 Archerz)

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Laser & Archery Tag - the ultimate team building event, 100% interaction and participation. The event includes: 10 Lazerz and 10 Archerz, so your team can either switch between activities, or use both with multiple teams.

Orbis Sports is a leader in interactive group sports. This team event lasts 60 minutes, excluding the set-up and instruction time. The event can host between 10-40 people, depending on your team size. It's held at the FlyFree Movement facility on Argyll Road. FlyFree is perfect for this type high energy team building session. Orbis will help you structure multiple team options, like: Team Battle, Free for All, Double Team & Domination rounds.

Next Steps: After making your purchase please contact Orbis Sports directly to reserve your date. Provide them with your 4 digit order number (which is on your order confirmation).

Website: orbissports.com
Phone:  1-888-901-7426
Email: bookings@orbissports.com
Location: 8303 Argyll Road NW, Edmonton

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