Paintball Action Games - Team Building Event

Paintball Action Games - Team Building Event

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Combine multiple offers to match the number of people in your group: 

2 Person Admission with Gear & 200 Paintballs
6 Person Admission with Gear & 600 Paintballs
10 Person Admission with Gear & 1,000 Paintballs

Paintball Action Games has an 18,000 sq ft indoor facility. Participants race across the tournament field, dodging paintballs as they crouch behind inflatables and aim their semi-auto markers at unsuspecting opponents. Players must wear the provided coveralls and goggles.

Next Step: After purchasing contact Paintball Action Games to book your event. Provide them with the order number, which is on your GoAsAGroup order confirmation.

Address: 4804 90th Ave. NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780 469-0882

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