The Burger's Priest - South Common

The Burger's Priest - South Common

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The Burger's Priest is a classic high quality burger joint. They cook their burgers on a flat top griddle not on a charcoal broiler, so they're never over cooked. The Burger's Priest believe in purity, simplicity and quality; which means soft buns, fresh simple toppings and premium free range beef, ground fresh daily (never frozen), griddled to perfection.

You'll never have yesterday's beef in today's burger. Welcome to your new favourite burger joint!

Note: Bring your GoAsAGroup order confirmation with you and present the 8 character digital voucher code to Burger's Priest, so they can validate the order.

Downtown: 10148 - 109th Street, Edmonton
South Common: 2125 - 98th Street NW, Edmonton

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