Xoom Energy - Gas & Electricity

Xoom Energy - Gas & Electricity

Save up to 55% off your utilities bill. Alberta deregulated natural gas and electricity utilities in 1996. This change separated distribution from sales, which enables competition and savings for the public. GoAsAGroup is now working with Xoom Energy, a utilities reseller with wholesale pricing. You now have the freedom to choose your natural gas and electricity sales provider and save. The product distribution still remains with your local utility provider: ATCO, EPCOR, ENMAX, AltaGas or Fortis Alberta. The only difference is that your reduced bill will be sent from Xoom Energy.

Home & Business Services: Receive a no obligation quote to see if you’re overpaying for gas and electricity. Xoom Energy have been able to save both residential and commercial customers up to 55% on the commodity portion of their utility bills.

Receive a No Obligation Quote: Send us a copy of your entire most recent gas and electricity bills to services@goasagroup.com and we'll reply with a quote outlining what you could be saving.

Earn Money for Referrals: Earn up to $1,500 by inviting your friends and family to also save with Xoom Energy. To find out more: send us an email using this link and provide the requested information.  

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